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By Richard Clammer and Alan Kittridge - 14 (Including postage and packing)

This book tells the story of Kingswear Castle; her origins on the River Dart; the history of her first owner - The River Dart Steamboat Co Ltd; her preservation and operation in the south east; and her triumphant return to the River Dart.


DVD: PADDLE STEAMER KINGSWEAR CASTLE - A voyage through her life - 14 (Including postage and packing)

See KC today sailing on the Medway, discover her origins on the River Dart, see her restoration through archive footage and meet some of the people key to bringing her back to life. Join Chris Phillips, maritime historian Richard Clammer and many others for Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle, a voyage through her life. Original music by Jonathan Cohen. Running time about 50 minutes.


 DVD: PADDLE STEAMER MEMORIES - 18 (Including postage and packing)

 More than 50 paddle steamers nationwide on one DVD, including stunning and rare pre-war footage some in colour. Scenes on the South Coast , the Bristol Channel, North Wales, the Clyde, the Firth of Forth, the Tay, Humber and Thames. Running time about 90 minutes.


 DVD: DAY TRIPS WITH DAD ON THE CLYDE 12 (Including postage and packing)  

Steamers on the Clyde in the 1960s at many resorts including Largs, fairlie, Millport, Rothesay, Dunon, Campletown. Lochranza and Tignabruaich.


DVD: DAY TRIPS WITH P & A CAMPBELL  Volume 1 -  12 (Including postage and packing)

A superb and unique film collection of P & A Campbell excursion steamers sailing on the Bristol Channel with commentary by local paddle steamer historian Chris Collard who brings it all to life.


DVD: DAY TRIPS WITH P & A CAMPBELL Volume 2 -  12 (Including postage and packing)

A second volume of film of P & A Campbell excursion steamers sailing on the Bristol Channel with commentary by local paddle steamer historian Chris Collard who brings it all to life.


Book: Cosens of Weymouth 1848 - 1918 25 (Including postage and packing)

A History of the Bournemouth, Weymouth and Swanage Paddle Steamers by Richard Clammer


The history of Cosens is at last completed with the publication of this volume, which details the company's story from its earliest beginnings in the mid 19th century through to the end of World War 1. Cosens' battles with rival steamer concerns form a constant thread running through the narrative interwoven with the developments of the main south coast resorts, dramatic rescues and salvage awards, and the gradual expansion of services as far west as Torquay and across the Channel to Cherbourg and the Channel Islands. Cosens' business was closely tied to the Fleet at Portland, with frequent trips to view the warships and the great Naval reviews and they also held the liberty boat contract. The diving, engineering and block ice operations of the company are all recorded and there is much detail too on Cosens' tug services and also on the building of many of the seaside piers which the steamers called at.

This is a comprehensive, entertaining and profusely illustrated history, including eight pages in colour, and with several plans, which will delight all maritime historians, ship modellers and students of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as local historians right along the South Coast.


Booklet:   PADDLE STEAMER KINGSWEAR CASTLE - 2 (Including postage and packing)

A new picture booklet with plenty of colour shots of Kingswear Castle and other paddlers including  Alumchine, Compton Castle, Consul, Freshwater, Jeanie Deans, Princess Elizabeth, Goethe, Savoie, Schiller, Stadt Luzern, Stadt Wehlen and Totnes Castle,



Three postcards of Kingswear Castle - 1 (Including postage and packing)


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