The new sponson is complete with Daniel and Chris painting - 13/4/01


The new wooden rubbing band is being fitted


The steelwork on the starboard sponson now complete awaiting the new wooden rubbing band


The final touches to the steelwork


The two steel angles which will contain the rubbing band being fitted.


The new steel curtain aft of the paddle box is in place and has yet to be trimmed.


Give me my sponson back!


The newly laid deck over the aft starboard sponson


The guard rails and the wood deck edging have been removed aft of the paddle box.


An important point being made by Roger Bridges


Anthony and Jason positioning the new steelwork for the starboard sponson. The ship's guard rails and the wooden deck edging have been removed for access.


Jason in the workshop with the steel angle which will contain the rubbing band.


Andy in the cab of the crane used for lifting in the shipyard.


The new steel has been attached forrard and Anthony grinds off some of the welds.


The old wooden rubbing band and associated steel have been removed exposing the sponson brackets.

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