Daniel Smith painting the paddle box 13/4/01


KC on the slipway at the Acorn shipyard with the hull newly painted 13/4/01


Under the sponson looking aft towards the starboard paddle wheel - 13/4/01


1st January 2001 - Kingswear Castle with a cover over the engine room deck which is being relaid.


Chris Smith starting the caulking process using the traditional tools


The Mumford general service bilge and fire pump ashore in the workshop for a major renovation.


Several years ago, Kingswear Castle's mast was replaced by a smaller one in two parts so that the top mast could be lowered for passing under Rochester Bridge to gain access to Rochester Pier. This short mast never looked quite right and altered the ship's appearance so we are installing an experimental mast of the original length but light enough to be easily lowered by just one person in order to try to restore Kingswear Castle's profile.

This is it! It was stepped for the first time on 23rd November.


Terry Lilley and Chris Smith converse.

The mast lowers towards the bow and therefore is clear of passengers.


At the end of the day a small glass of lemonade to celebrate!

Left to right Mathew Baldwin, Terry Lilley, Alan Beavan and Chris Smith

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