Kingswear Castle Refit 1999/2000

25ton load of Polish steam coal newly delivered for Kingswear Castle to start the season in April 2000. Each year Kingswear Castle burns about 70 tons of coal


One of Kingswear Castle's two liferaft pods newly returned to the ship after servicing. Each pod contains 2 x 65 man liferafts (total 260) and can be launched from the ship's bridge using a vacuum release mechanism.


Martin Staniforth and Chris Smith fitting new paddle shaft bearings.


The weight of the wheel is supported by a steel bar before the bearings are inserted


Chris Smith wearing a hat with a badge from the paddle steamer wonderland Switzerland!


The circulating pump for pumping water around the condensor has received a refit this winter including machining the piston rods and fitting new piston rings.


The aft well deck with new deck planks and bilge pumping arrangement


Chris Smith laying new planks for the foredeck over the forrard salooon

Twisting the oakum


The marine glue is heated up until molten and then poured over the oakum between the planks

The new foredeck

Kingswear Castle being towed from Thunderbolt Pier, Chatham, to the Acorn Shipyard, Strood at around 1pm on Monday 6th March

Up the slipway

New anti-fouling paint

The rudder

The rudder painted

Comparison with the rudder of the Luzern paddle steamer Schiller in the shipyard at Luzern December 1999

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