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Story-lines by John Megoran


Foredeck of Embassy between Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight (just visible on the port bow) 7th August 1963



March 2021 Marine Artist Winston Megoran

February 2021 Paddle Steamer Captain John Hayward

January 2021 Paddle Steamer Consul at Cowes

December 2020 Cosens's Captain Haines

November 2020 Jeanie Deans November 1965

October 2020 Last Trips of the Season from Bournemouth October 1947

September 2020 Royal Eagle 1950

August 2020 Paddle Steamer Consul 1962

July 2020 Talisman Aground at Arrochar

June 2020 Weymouth's Seven Mile Paddle Steamer Trips

May 2020 Paddle Steamer Lorna Doone at Bournemouth May 1949

April 2020 Launch of Paddle Steamer Bristol Queen April 1946

March 2020 Humber Paddle Steamer Service Resumed 6th March 1972

February 2020 Paddle Steamer Flamer 1836

January 2020 Paddle Steamer Embassy December 1949

December 2019 Paddle Steamer Corfe Castle

November 2019 Paddle Steamer Captain Kuno Stein

October 2019 Paddle Steamer Embassy October 1st 1953

September 2019 Paddle Steamer Southwold Belle

August 2019 Swanage Queen Struggles at Bournemouth 1961

July 2019 Paddle Steamer Embassy at Lulworth Cove 1953

June 2019 KC NHS SW Regional Flagship of the Year

May 2019 Paddle Steamer Consul Starts 1964 Season

April 2019 New Inner Funnel for Monarch 1959

March 2019 Paddle Steamer Ryde Meets Lively Lady 1968

February 2019 More Paddle Steamers Please

January 2019 Paddle Steamer Emperor of India Scrapped January 1957?

December 2018 Paddle Steamer Britannia Scrapped December 1956

November 2018 Paddle Steamer Stadt Luzern Withdrawn for rebuild

October 2018 Paddle Steamer Wingfield Castle

September 2018 Lake Neuchatel Paddle Steamer Neuchatel

August 2018 Ammersee Paddler Diessen

July 2018 Ammersee Paddler Herrshing

June 2018 Paddle Steamer Princess Elizabeth Peaks July 1947

May 2018 Paddle Steamers Empress and Albion Collide

April 2018 Forty Three UK Paddle Steamers Withdrawn 1955 - 1981

March 2018 Paddle Steamer Jupiter Withdrawn 1958

February 2018 P & A Campbell Call in the Receiver 1958

January 2018 PSPS Members Visit PS Embassy Spring 1967

December 2017 While Way a Moment on the Woolwich Ferry

November 2017 Brush Up on Your Bournemouth Pier Paddle Steamer Byelaws

October 2017 Three Paddle Steamer Captains' Working Days

September 2017 A Little Bit of the Paddle Steamer Jeanie Deans lives on

August 2017 Paddle Steamer Trips from Eastbourne August 6th - 12th 1927

July 2017 P & A Campbell's Paddle Steamers 1957

June 2017 Paddle Steamer Consul 1960

May 2017 Paddle Steamers at Bournemouth 1957

April 2017 Paddle Steamer Spot the Difference

March 2017 Paddle Steamers on the River Orwell

February 2017 Paddle Steamer Glen Gower's International Voyages 1954/56

January 2017 Paddle Steamer Excursions on the Humber in 1959

December 2016 Paddle Steamer Embassy Model

November 2016 Paddle Steamer Waverley 1966

October 2016 The Four British Paddlers Withdrawn 50 Years Ago in 1966

September 2016 Last Trips of the 1932 Portsmouth Paddle Steamer Excursion Season

August 2016 Paddle Steamer Italie Trials

July 2016 Paddle Steamer Queen of the South Summer 2016

June 2016 Paddle Steamer Embassy Starts Her Last season 1966

May 2016 Paddle Steamer Princess Elizabeth 1962

April 2016 Paddle Steamer Compton Castle Engine Bought by PSKC Trust

March 2016 Paddle Steamer Company Brings Electrical Expertise to Weymouth

February 2016 Paddle Steamer Manager Charles Kaile

January 2016 Paddle Steamer Monarch to the Rescue

December 2015 Paddle Steamer Letters to the Editor 1937

November 2015 Paddle Steamer Princess Elizabeth Sold For Scrap

October 2015 UK Paddle Steamers October 1965

September 2015 Paddle Steamers September 1965

August 2015 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth 1965 - Part 3

July 2015 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth 1965 - Part 2

June 2015 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth 1965 - Part 1

May 2015 Paddle Steamer Waverley Season 1973

April 2015 Paddle Steamer Captain Given Clock in Recognition of His Courtesy

March 2015 Paddle Steamer Bournemouth Queen To The Rescue

February 2015 Paddle Steamer Golden Eagle Goes to War February 1915 

January 2015 P & A Campbell Paddle Steamers Go To War

December 2014 Paddle Steamer Balmoral Breakdown

November 2014 Paddle Steamer Loss

October 2014 End of South Coast Paddle Steamer Season 1960

September 2014 Sea-Going Paddle Steamer Weather and Other Issues

August 2014 New Book On River Conwy Paddle Steamers

July 2014 Paddle Steamer Lorna Doone at War

June 2014 Paddle Steamers at Eastbourne June 1927

May 2014 Paddle Steamer Medway Queen Then and Now

April 2014 Paddle Steamer "Stop That Thief"

March 2014 Paddle Steamer Passenger Prosecuted

February 2014 Last Clyde Season of the Jeanie Deans

January 2014 Paddle Steamer Bilsdale

December 2013 Rebuilt Paddle Steamer Returns

November 2013 Paddle Steamer Mix-Up

October 2013 Paddle Steamer Consul on the Thames 1963

September 2013 Paddle Steamer Road to Balmoral

August 2013 Paddle Steamer Pride of Devon

July 2013 Last Paddle Steamer to Plymouth

June 2013 The Last Four Mersey Paddle Steamers

May 2013 Paddle Steamer to the Scilly Isles

April 2013 Paddle Steamers to Ventnor

March 2013 Paddle Steamers Queen of Kent and Queen of Thanet

February 2013 Paddle Steamer Film Star

January 2013 Paddle Steamer Hit By Tsunami in English Channel

December 2012 Paddle Steamer Winter Refits 1962/63 

November 2012 Paddle Steamer Food

October 2012 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth In 1949

September 2012 Paddle Steamer Capt Rawle Retires

August 2012 Good News from Lake Geneva

July 2012 Caledonian Steam Packet Waverley Captains

June 2012 Lake Geneva Paddler Helvetie

April 2012 Southampton to the Isle of Wight by Red Funnel Paddle Steamer 1930's Style

March 2012 Paddle Steamer Winters at Weymouth

February 2012 Paddle Steamers on the Elbe

January 2012 Paddle Steamers to Alderney

December 2011 Lake Neuchatel Paddle Steamer Fribourg

November 2011 Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Unterwalden

October 2011 One Man Paddle Steamer Factory

September 2011 Paddle Steamer Bordein

August 2011 Paddle Tug United Service

July 2011 Paddle Steamers at Bournemouth in 1960

June 2011 Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer Simplon

May 2011 Royal Honeymoon Couple Paddle Steamer Trip

April 2011 Paddle Steamer Cotton Blossom

March 2011 Paddle Steamer Twins

February 2011 Paddle Steamer Royal Eagle

January 2011 Paddle Steamers at Newhaven

December 2010 Paddle Steamers Withdrawn

November 2010 Paddle Steamer Breakdown

October 2010 Paddle Steamer Barred After "Bad Weather" Trip

September 2010 Paddle Steamer Captains at Bournemouth 1920

August 2010 Paddle Steamers Trips from Weymouth August 1960

July 2010 Paddle Steamers at Dunkirk

June 2010 Paddle Steamer Wheel and Deckhouses

May 2010 Paddle Steamer Wingfield Castle

April 2010 Paddle Steamer Captain Looks to Buy His Own Boat

March 2010 Diesel Electric Paddle Vessel Talisman For Sale

February 2010 Paddle Steamer Monarch at Weymouth

January 2010 Paddle Steamer Shipyard at Lucerne

December 2009 Paddle Tug Beskydy

November 2009 Paddle Steamer Captain Alois Kaufmann

October 2009 Paddle Steamer Theft

September 2009 UK Paddle Steamers Withdrawn in 1949

February 2009 Paddle Steamer Model Maker Chris Wood

January 2009 Paddle Steamer Pier For Sale

December 2008 Paddle Steamer Ariadne

November 2008 Capt Shippick Suggests

October 2008 Paddle Steamers Withdrawn in the UK 1948, 1958, 1968 & 1978

September 2008 Paddle Steamer Oddities

August 2008 Paddle Steamer Sailings From Bournemouth, Swanage and Weymouth August 1960

July 2008 Paddle Steamer Entrepreneur Tony McGinnity

June 2008 Swiss Paddle Steamer Stadt Zurich

May 2008 My Favourite Thames Captains by John Richardson

April 2008 Paddle Tug John H Amos Takes to the Air

March 2008 Paddle Steamer Apprentice and Mate Moran Caplat

February 2008 Paddle Steamer Shipyards Then and Now

January 2008 Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Uri

December 2007 The Paddle Driven Dartmouth Higher Ferry

November 2007 Paddle Steamer Captain Billy Read Retires

October 2007 Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer La Suisse

September 2007 UK Paddle Steamers Withdrawn 1947, 1957 & 1967

August 2007 Last Trips of the Bournemouth Queen August 1957

July 2007 Paddle Steamer Trip from Bournemouth in 1947

June 2007 Paddle Steamer Lookouts

May 2007 What Happened on a Poole Paddle Boat in 1959

April 2007 Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Rigi

March 2007 Portsmouth Paddle Steamer Ryde

February 2007 Loch Lomond Paddle Steamer Maid of the Loch

January 2007 Paddle Steamers in Fog

December 2006 Paddle Steamers at Lyme Regis

November 2006 Paddle Steamers Out of Season

October 2006 The Four British Paddlers Withdrawn In 1966

September 2006 Last Sailings of the Paddle Steamer Embassy in 1966

August 2006 Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer Savoie

July 2006 John S Richardson Recalls Part 2

June 2006 Paddle Steamer Queen of the South in 1966

May 2005 Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Schiller

April 2006 Party Night Aboard the Sir William Wallace In 1956

March 2006 John S Richardson Recalls Part 1

February 2006 Kingswear Castle's Sister Ship Compton Castle

January 2006 Paddle Steamers and Southsea's Piers

December 2005 Capt Shippick's Audrey Transforms Thames & Medway Excursions

November 2005 Clyde Paddle Steamer Jeanie Deans Goes South November 1965

October 2005 Eagle Paddle Steamer Sailings From Tower Pier 1935

September 2005 UK Paddle Steamers Withdrawn September 1965

August 2005 Last Season For the Paddle Steamer Empress

July 2005 PSPS Paddle Steamer Charters in 1965

June 2005 Paddle Steamer Plymouth Belle

May 2005 P & A Campbell Paddle Steamer Brighton Belle

April 2005 Weymouth Harbour Paddle Steamer Riding Posts

March 2005 Hythe Ferry Paddle Steamers

February 2005 Paddle Steamer Captain Leonard Horsham

December 2004 Danube Paddle Tug Ruthof / Ersekcsanad

November 2004 Brian Waters' Paddle Steamer Monarch

October 2004 Kingswear Castle on the River Dart in the Early 1960s

September 2004 The Withdrawal of the Firth of Forth Paddle Ferries September 1964

August 2004 The 1964 Weymouth Paddle Steamer War

July 2004 The Wreck of the Paddle Steamer Duchess of Devonshire in August 1934

June 2004 The Early Use of Radar on Excursion Paddle Steamers

May 2004 Bangladesh Paddle Steamer Chinsura

April 2004 Lake Zurich Shipyard Open Day 20th March 2004

March 2004 Bournemouth Steamer Trips August 1899

February 2004 Independent Paddle Wheels

January 2004 Notes from the Directors' Reports of Cosens & Co

December 2003 Dresden Paddle Steamer Kurort Rathen

November 2003 Paddle Steamer Competition

October 2003 Portsmouth Paddle Steamer Whippingham

September 2003 Paddle Steamer Killingholme

August 2003 Paddle Steamer Cardiff Queen Sailing on the Sussex Coast in 1952/53

June 2003 Paddle Steamer Premier 1846 - 1938

May 2003 Lake Geneva Swiss Navigation Day 27th April 2003

April 2003 Paddle Steamer Products of War

March 2003 Some Burmese Paddle Steamers

February 2003 Paddle Steamer Swanage Queen ex Sussex Queen ex Freshwater

January 2003 Rhine Paddle Steamer Goethe

December 2003 Pierce Brosnan 007 Aboard Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle

November 2002 Paddle Steamer Chief Engineer William George "Bill" Peake 1899 - 1962

October 20002 Lake Como Paddle Steamer Concordia

September 2002 Cosens Last Regular Sailings from Weymouth September 1962

August 2002 Italian Paddler Bat Spaz

July 2002 Paddle Steamer Captain H F "Harry" Defrates 1894 - 1984

June 2002 Lake Constance Paddle Steamer Hohentwiel

May 2002 Lake Annecy Paddle Steamers

April 2002 Paddle Tug and Summer Excursion Steamer India at Weymouth

March 2002 Lake Geneva Paddler Helvetie

February 2002 Last Paddle Steamer to Putney

January 2002 Paddle Steamer Lord Elgin

December 2001 Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle Website Wins An Award

November 2001 Lake Neuchatel Paddle Steamer Neuchatel

October 2001 Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Gallia

September 2001 Danish Paddle Steamer Hjejelen

August 2001 Red Funnel Paddle Steamer Gracie Fields with Prams

July 2001 Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer Montreux

June 2001 Paddle Steamer Monarch 1924 - 1961

May 2001 Lake Brienz Paddle Steamer Lotschberg

April 2001 Cosens' Paddle Steamer Victoria

March 2001 Lake Maggiore Paddle Steamer Lombardia

February 2001 Lunch Aboard the Paddle Steamer Majestic

January 2001 PSPS (Almost) Paddle Steamer Alumchine


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