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Storylines by John Megoran


Watercolour by WM painted in 1961 of our Weymouth Garden Childhood Paddle Steamer

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October 2017 Three Paddle Steamer Captains' Working Days

September 2017 A Little Bit of the Paddle Steamer Jeanie Deans Lives On

August 2017 Paddle Steamer Trips from Eastbourne August 6th - 12th 1927

July 2017 P & A Campbell's Paddle Steamers 1957

June 2017 Paddle Steamer Consul 1960

May 2017 Paddle Steamers at Bournemouth 1957

April 2017 Paddle Steamer Spot the Difference

March 2017 Paddle Steamers on the River Orwell

February 2017 Paddle Steamer Glen Gower's International Voyages 1954/56

January 2017 Paddle Steamer Excursions on the Humber in 1959

December 2016 Paddle Steamer Embassy Model

November 2016 Paddle Steamer Waverley 1966

October 2016 The Four British Paddlers Withdrawn 50 Years Ago in 1966

September 2016 Last Trips of the 1932 Portsmouth Paddle Steamer Excursion Season

August 2016 Paddle Steamer Italie Trials

July 2016 Paddle Steamer Queen of the South Summer 2016

June 2016 Paddle Steamer Embassy Starts Her Last season 1966

May 2016 Paddle Steamer Princess Elizabeth 1962

April 2016 Paddle Steamer Compton Castle Engine Bought by PSKC Trust

March 2016 Paddle Steamer Company Brings Electrical Expertise to Weymouth

February 2016 Paddle Steamer Manager Charles Kaile

January 2016 Paddle Steamer Monarch to the Rescue

December 2015 Paddle Steamer Letters to the Editor 1937

November 2015 Paddle Steamer Princess Elizabeth Sold For Scrap

October 2015 UK Paddle Steamers October 1965

September 2015 Paddle Steamers September 1965

August 2015 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth 1965 - Part 3

July 2015 Paddle Steamers at Weymouth 1965 - Part 2

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