Lake Maggiore Paddle Steamer Lombardia


Built by N Odero in 1908 for service on Lake Maggiore, the paddle steamer Lombardia was withdrawn in 1958, becoming a restaurant at Baveno. She was moved to Arona in 1969 where she is still in use as a static restaurant/bar in a berth (pictured in March 2001) next to the shipyard. In the background you can see the stern of the paddle steamer Piemonte which still sails on the lake although only on very rare ocassions.


The engine, boiler and paddle wheels were removed and looking through the paddle box slats you can see piles of plates and other galley kit stored in the space previously occupied by the the paddle wheel.


Like the other steamers on the lake, Lombardia would sometimes have run international voyages as the northern end of Lake Maggiore is in Switzerland with the rest of it in Italy.

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