The New Fiddley Being Lifted Aboard - 27/3/01

Roger, Jason and Chris check the positioning of the new fiddley over the boiler.


The new fiddley was put together using rivets to give it a traditional appearance.


The fiddley is designed to fit very snugly over the top of the boiler which is here protected by sheeting.


The fiddley coming into land.


The small door on the side of the fiddley is to gain access to the scumming off valve which is designed to draw off any scum floating on top of the boiler water and eject it.


Jason arranges the chains for the crane to lift the new fiddley aboard. The lid on the top and the door on the back end are for gaining access to the boiler mountings, ie the main steam valve, the auxilliary valves port and starboard, the whistle valve, the safety valves and the low water level alarm.

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