Paddle Steamer Competion


This month and for a change - a quiz!!


Which paddle steamer engine is this?

Clue 1: This British paddle steamer had two names in her peace-time career, the second being more homely than the aristocratic first. And her third and war-time name had a diplomatic relationship with the second.

Clue 2: In the career for which she was built she ran throughout the year and sometimes sailed on service in the middle of the night.

Clue3: In her second peace-time career she ran summer excursions on the South Coast of England.

Clue 4: She was built in 1911.

The answer is: Duchess of Norfolk. She was built for the joint railway service from Portsmouth to Ryde, bought by Cosens in 1938 for their excursion services from Weymouth and Bournemouth and re-named Embassy. During the Second World War she was re-named HMS Ambassador.

In the draw, the first name out of the hat with the correct answer was Capt Mike Ledger from Oxford. He wins the 20 Kingswear Castle voucher.

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