The New Boiler Under Construction at Wellman Robey's Factory 12/2/01

The boiler on end in the factory. The large steel hoops on each end are temporary attachments to stand the boiler on whilst it is being built and will be removed. Note the longitudinal welded seam on the right hand side. The hole is for the top boiler door; the four steel pads are for the lifting lugs and the various other smaller holes are for the boiler mountings. In the foreground is the kit in which the boiler sits whilst being rotated for the submerged arc welding of the end plates onto the boiler shell.


Looking down the factory with Kingswear Castle's boiler on the right and lots of other boilers on the left.


I built this!


Are you sure this is the way to the tea-bar?


Looking inside the boiler up past the furnace with its Bowling hoop to allow for expansion and past the fire- tube holes in the combustion chamber on the left up to the boiler door in the top. The steel box on the right is the steam separator to collect steam free of boiler water to deliver it to the engine.


The smokebox and uptake to the funnel which fixes onto the front of the boiler.

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