With the boiler removed giving better access, the bottom strip of the bulkhead between the boiler room and the aft saloon has been renewed. The little door gives access from the aft saloon to the hand mudlhole on the back end of the boiler.


The fore and aft parts of the boiler cradle, the bilge and centre keelsons as well as other steelwork have now been renewed and all have received a coat of paint.


30th January 2001- Work starts assessing the new steelwork work necessary under the boiler.

The empty boiler room looking towards the aft bulkhead.


Looking towards the engine


A cover over the empty boiler room


Looking down into the boiler room after the old boiler has been removed. The firebars are sitting just aft of the green frames of the engine.


The old boiler cradles. The manhole with an arrow is for access from the aft saloon to the small mudhole door on the aft end of the boiler

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