Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Schiller


The beautiful Lake Lucerne paddle steamer Schiller celebrates her one hundredth birthday this summer.


Ordered from Sulzer in 1904 Schiller made her first official sailing on the lake on 17th May 1906.


An early picture of Schiller with an awning available on the promenade deck forward of the open bridge.


Kapt Ferdinand Schorno pictured on the Schiller alongside at Weggis in the 1920s. Born in 1865, Kapt Schorno was her master from 1912 to 1932. He died in 1946.


On the left is Schiller's immaculate steering compartment aft. As on Kingswear Castle, the rudder is hauled round by wires but, unlike Kingswear Castle, this hauling is done by an electric motor controlled by jog switches on the bridge. On the right is Schiller's wonderful Sulzer built engine


Schiller's crew of six (not counting the caterers) with Douglas and Jean McGowan in the centre. Along with Terry Sylvester, Douglas was the man who bought the Waverley for 1 and returned her to service in preservation in 1975. Pictured from left to right are Albert Hafliger, Sandro Cattaneo, Capt Kuno Stein, Douglas and Jean McGowan, Andreas Vonlaufen, Franz Mathis and Vreni Lotscher. As well as sailing as master of the other Lake Lucerne paddle steamers and the large motor vessels, Capt Stein has been senior master of the Schiller since 1990.


If you are able, do try and get to Lake Lucerne for a trip on the Schiller in this, her one hundredth year of sailing. There is a special paddle steamer parade on Saturday 13th May as well as other events in the following week and, during the summer season, Schiller will be out and about sailing on the lake on many days.

Pictures courtesy of Kuno Stein, Daniel Haas and JM

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