This winter we have had discussions with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency about a better means of access to the forward saloon for passengers and the question of  KC possibly shipping occasional green seas into the forward well deck which might make their way into the forward saloon. As a result, agreement has been reached and a new entrance has been constructed through a hatch on the upper deck. The deck level in the forward well deck has been raised a little so that scuppers can be cut in the bulwarks and the old forward saloon entrance has been sealed off. The well deck remains a passenger area.


The new companionway to the forward salooon


Looking forward


We have tried to make sure that the work has been done in keeping with the style and era of the ship and there is precedent for it. Passenger paddle steamers of Kingswear Castle's size, like the LCC Thames paddlers (pictured above) generally had their entrance to the forward saloon through a hatch from the upper deck as pictured above.


KC with her new hatch at Thunderbolt Pier 18th February


Alongside Thunderbolt Pier 17th February


The new companionway 15th February


The new saloon doors being constructed 20th January


On the slipway 3rd February


The forward well deck up for re-decking 13th January


The hole appears January 13th


Chris Smith, with the assistance of his son Daniel, has relaid the deck over the bunkers on each side of the ship. The large Hoover like machine on the right is a deck sander. 25/11/04


Daniel Smith painting the port paddle box 08/12/04

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