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Your Pictures

If you have any pictures of Kingswear Castle do send them in. We cannot guarantee to put them on the website as this will depend on space etc but we are always interested to see them and if we can put them on we will.



Richard Danielson has sent in this picture of the Waverley alongside at Kingswear on 18th May 1998


Snow at Chatham Monday February 6th 2012



Peter Lamb has sent in these evocative pictures taken aboard PS Consul whilst in Tony McGinnity's ownership in 1963/64.

The man on the left is the brother of PSPS member number 1, Mrs Eileen Pritchard, and, on the right, is Alfie LePage, a long time AB on Cosens' paddle steamers at Weymouth. Tony provided nice new uniforms to smarten up his crew but I think that this did not altogether work with Alfie, a man who would often tell children that the best way to get a good suntan was not to wash!


Here we are in PS Consul's forward saloon and bar looking up through her magnificent skylight, with its Victorian domed glass windows, towards the bridge.



On November 14 1962 Weymouth Harbour played host to four paddle steamers, something which would never be seen again.


From left to right Sandown, Bristol Queen and Consul. The Embassy is behind us and through the Town Bridge.

Picture by the late Bernard Cox


Mike Ledger has sent in these pictures of a model of Kingswear Castle's sister Compton Castle on display at the International Model Boat Show at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on 14th November 2012.



Mike Jackson has sent in these pictures of Kingswear Castle steaming past PS Waverley moored alongside Southend Pier on Saturday September 24 2011.


Laraine Soliman has sent in these pictures of Kingswear Castle meeting the Paddle Steamer Waverley on Sunday September 25th 2011


Capt Mike Ledger has sent in these pictures of Kingswear Castle and Balmoral at Southend on Thursday July 28 2011

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